Black Walnut

Made with wood from a Black Walnut tree Juglans nigra is in the top five of my favorite woods. I love it for the rich color and the contrast it can provide when used with other woods. I love how finish reveals its beauty. Naturally porous it has a unique texture. When turned with the grain, like for spindle shafts or nostepinne, the exposed pores make tiny valleys aiding your grip. On whorls where the grain is perpendicular to the turning, some views have captivating chatoyance.
Black Walnut is native to Virginia. Natural dyers use the husk around the nuts for a brown dye. The nuts are difficult to shell and with a strong flavor, compared to the orchard grown English Walnut. The tree produces juglone which inhibits growth of other plants. You will often find groves of just Black Walnut trees due to this. Freshly cut lumber has a distinct black walnut smell, slightly spicy.
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