Terms and Conditions

Cynthia Wood Spinner Terms and Conditions

**If you need an additional address line or are unsure if your address formatted correctly; please leave me an order note with a second copy of your address and identify each line. Example Line 1: ….. Line 2: ….. Line 3: ….. etc.

-Let me know if you or your neighbors have had any difficulty receiving packages. You can use the Order Notes for this.

-*- Note: Refunds cost me additional processing fees. Please be certain of your order before paying. If in doubt email me ch@cynthiahaney.com or call me 1-434-282-8461.

**You are making this purchase aware of and in agreement with the following:

-Wood changes color over time, this may take many years. In most cases I can describe the potential final color. Any metal such as spindle hooks also changes color as patina develops. Your item (s) may look different from the picture already, and can continue changing.

-I send packages via USPS with tracking. The tracking information will be emailed to the address you provide at check-out. It can take up to a day for the website to show any tracking information. **If the tracking indicates delivered and your package has not arrived please take the following steps. 1 Check all around your mailbox and property. 2 Check with your mail carrier. 3 If it is still missing contact me and file a report with your post office. **If your package arrives damaged contact me within 48 hours and be prepared to file necessary paperwork with your post office. I will do all I can to get a fair resolution for the issue.

-Due to circumstances beyond my control I may have sold one of your items in person or promised it to another shopper. This can happen during a festival, group meeting, or from an online customer contacting me prior to purchase. If this has happened I will contact you and refund your money as soon as possible. I do everything in my power to prevent this happening.

-I accept returns of items bought on this website. You need to contact me within two weeks of delivery, if there is a problem. I will work with you to determine if a return is necessary, some issues I can fix by phone. Getting the tool back to me in new condition is your responsibility. If I receive the return within 30 days in new condition, then I will issue a refund to your original payment method for the item price and any sales tax I collected. Shipping is not refundable.

-If you have concerns about your purchase please contact me as soon as possible. These terms are to protect both of us. I want my customers happy.

****International customers:

When shipping I use USPS’s First Class Package International service and comply with customs forms. Any additional tax, duty, fees, and or customs charges are your responsibility. If you feel the shipping estimate is inaccurate please let me know. The website is not perfect and I can correct shipping as necessary either before you order or refund the excess before delivery. Some woods cannot be sent to certain countries. The details on which woods are allowed by which countries are complex and subject to change. I will verify with you and the guidance provided by the United States Postal Service, USPS, any ‘exotic’ woods prior to shipment. If we discover that a wood used in your item prevents shipment I will issue a refund of your order.

~Optional section~ I appreciate it if you let me know the package has arrived safely. I would love to know how or where you found out about my work. Knowing how customers find me helps focus advertising and social media efforts. ~End Optional section~

Thank you!!

Cynthia D. Haney