Wrap Per Inch Tool, Osage Orange

Use: Measure the thickness of yarn by finding out how many wraps fit side by side within an inch.
Wood: Osage Orange
Dimensions: 6 1/2″ x 5/8″

Details: The Wrap Per Inch Tool features 1/2″, 1″, and 2″ measuring areas. You use the 2″ area for the most accurate measurement dividing the total by 2 for your WPI. The 1/2″ area is best for very fine lace yarn to save you having to wrap for a whole inch. Just multiply the total by 2 for the WPI. Concave separators between the sections have a notch to keep track of the starting point. One end has a large notch to help secure the end of the yarn being measured. The other end has a hole either for securing thin yarn or attaching a hanging loop. The wrap per inch tool is designed and handmade by Cynthia D. Haney in her Virginia, USA workshop.

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Wood is a natural product, which can change color over time. Some woods have more obvious color change than others.
Osage Orange is a very bright yellow when freshly cut. It darkens to more a yellow ocher shade over time.
Pictures are taken on a white background. If it does not look white on your screen the wood color may not be accurate. Please e-mail ch@cynthiahaney.com for clarification.


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