Walnut & Cherry Ornament Spindle

Type: Ornament
Purpose: Decoration
Shaft wood: Cherry
Whorl wood: Black Walnut
Whorl location: Top (high)
Hook: Copper
Length: 5 3/4″
Width: 1 1/4″
Description: Use on your tree, as a large necklace, as an unusual shawl pin, or anyway you want. This is a decorative representation of a drop spindle. I, Cynthia D. Haney, hand turn each one on my wood lathe. It is signed under the whorl.
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Wood is a natural product, which can change color over time. Some woods have more obvious color change than others. Wood may bleach if left in direct sun; the temperature difference from the sunny side to the shaded side of the item can also have detrimental effects.
Cherry can look very pale when freshly cut. Over time, it will darken to the reddish brown usually associated with the wood. It is one of the few woods that most people are familiar with the aged look.
Pictures are taken on a white or rich purple background. If it does not look white or rich purple on your screen the wood color may not be accurate. Please e-mail ch@cynthiahaney.com for clarification.


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