Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what shipping costs? There is a calculator on the shopping cart page. Give it your country and it will show the shipping charge. Within the US shipping is the same for all 50 states.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, to all countries allowed by the United States Post Office. In the shopping cart click Change Address. Give it your country. It will show you the shipping fee.

Do you offer free shipping? Yes depending on order size and destination. In the USA spending $100 or more qualifies for free shipping. Internationally the threshold is much higher due to the higher shipping and transaction costs. Orders qualifying for free shipping automatically receive it at check out.

Do you teach classes? Yes check out my Class page.

Who makes the tools? I, Cynthia D. Haney, do. I am a one woman woodshop handmade microbusiness.

Where are you located? Nelson County, Virginia, USA

How to visit? Please come to my booth at a fiber festival, details on the homepage. This website is the only public part of my woodshop.

Is there nickel in any of your hooks? No.