Twig size Top Whorl Spindle number 231


Size: Twig
Whorl location: Top (high)
Weight: 0.26 oz. 7.2g
Spindle shaft wood: Black Walnut
Spindle whorl wood: Osage Orange (which darkens over time)
Hook: Copper
Spinning style: Drop
Shaft dimensions: 1/4″ x 7 1/4″
Amount of shaft below the whorl: 6 3/8″
Total length including hook: 8″
Signed number: 231
This spindle is one of a kind made by Cynthia D. Haney from boards, wire, and varnish. The whorl has a notch to guide yarn toward the hook. Under the whorl the number, weight, and finish date are marked and I sign my monogram. The finish is durable; however dropping on a hard surface can cause blemishes. All dimensions are accurate within 3/8″ or 0.01 oz. for weight.

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Wood is a natural product, which can change color over time. Some woods have more obvious color change than others.
Osage Orange is a very bright yellow when freshly cut. It darkens to more a yellow ocher shade over time.

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