Walnut Ornament Spindle


Type: Ornament
Purpose: Decoration
Shaft wood: Black Walnut
Whorl wood: Black Walnut
Whorl location: Top (high)
Hook: Copper
Length: 6″
Width: 2 5/8″
Description: Use on your tree, as a large necklace, as an unusual shawl pin, or anyway you want. This is a decorative representation of a drop spindle. I, Cynthia D. Haney, hand turn each one on my wood lathe. It is signed under the whorl.

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Measurements are accurate within 1/4″.

Wood is a natural product, which can change color over time. Some woods have more obvious color change than others. Wood will bleach if left in direct sun; the temperature difference from the sunny side to the shaded side of the item can also have detrimental effects.