How to ______? Free Instructions from Cynthia Wood Spinner by Cynthia D. Haney

I don’t just make fiber art tools, I teach you how to use them.

How to spin yarn on a drop spindle. Featuring a top whorl drop spindle made by Cynthia D. Haney and wool for DIY yarn spinning.
Drop spindle beginner lesson, everything you need to know to start spinning yarn with a top whorl drop spindle.

Picture of two top whorl drop spindles handmade by Cynthia D. Haney along with two balls of yarn.  Caption on picture is How to empty a drop spindle and wind a plying ball.  Links to a photo tutorial on the subject.
Plying ball tutorial with extra info on cop winding, and joining singles.

Picture of a nostepinne and a hand wound center feed ball of yarn, both made by Cynthia D. Haney.  Caption How to use a Nostepinne for winding a center pull ball.  It links to a photo tutorial on the subject.
Nostepinne Tutorial You can also use the nostepinne to wind a handspun single allowing you to make a two ply yarn with one single. Make sure the single is has rested overnight and be careful plying to avoid tangles.

Picture of Cynthia D. Haney seated in a purple room.  Holding a diz, threader, and hand card full of wool.  Links to a video on how to use a diz.
How to use a diz video tutorial.

How to use a Niddy-Noddy
This video features an 18″ sample size niddy-noddy for winding the skein. Instructions apply to any size niddy-noddy.
Videos are a work in progress, this one has useful information despite lacking the top of my head.

See the making in action in a great interview by my PBS Station. Please scroll down to Cynthia Haney, Wood Turner to watch.