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Making Yarn on a Spindle
Fall in love with the relaxing art of spinning. Make your first handspun yarn with a drop spindle designed for easy use. Experience various fiber preparations by spinning a sampler. Build skills for confident spinning by using the park-and-draft method. Learn what to do with your spindle-spun yarn.
Cynthia, a spindle maker, loves sharing her spinning passion with beginners.

Branch, mid, size rim weighted top whorl drop spindle on purple fiber and a purple background.  The one of a kind spindle made from black walnut and maple woods with a bronze hook and the classes the photo represent are all by Cynthia D. Haney
Spin Anywhere: a drop spindle class for wheel users.
Discover the fun portability of spindles.  Conquer any challenges that kept you from enjoying them.  Cynthia, a spindle maker, loves sharing her passion for spinning.  She patiently teaches you the nuances of drop spindle spinning.  Receive a top whorl drop spindle she designed for easy use.  Make yarn on your new spindle while learning the movements involved.  Experience the control and choice a spindle provides over your yarn.  Prepare to enjoy life with your spindle, be able to make yarn in exotic destinations and at home with your feet up.
   This class is for anyone who has made yarn but needs confidence on a spindle.  It was specifically designed for the transition from spinning with a wheel to a spindle.

Purple background with a branch, mid, size top whorl drop spindle full of natural brown Romney lamb yarn being wound onto an outside feed plying ball.  A finished plying ball sits behind.  On the right is a trunk, large, size top whorl drop spindle on a plied skein of the same yarn.  Both spindles and the Plying Yarn on a Spindle class the picture represents are by Cynthia D. Haney.  Spindles made with Tulip Poplar whorls , bronze hooks.  The branch size spindle also has a tulip poplar shaft while the trunk is black walnut.
Plying Yarn on a Spindle
Plying is the second step in spinning yarn.  The first is taking fiber, wool, and adding twist to make a handspun singles yarn.  To achieve a plied, multistrand, yarn two or more singles are spun together in the opposite direction. 
Discover the freedom a spindle provides for plying, the next step in spinning yarn.  Learn easy ways to ply yarn without tangles.  Test tricks and techniques for singles management as you two ply sample skeins.  Then find out how three or more plies work.  Explore the possibilities for chain ply including ply on the fly.  Cynthia, a spindle maker, will demystify spindle plying. 

Spindle Exploration

Spin your way to understanding the best paring of fiber, preparation, and spindle for a desired yarn. Discover the purpose behind a spindle’s size, shape, and style. Learn the ideal yarn diameter range for each weight spindle. Cynthia, a spindle maker, loves to share her passion for spindle spinning. She provides a variety of spindles to illustrate the properties. This class covers spindles with a whorl and hook, including top, bottom, drop, and supported. Students discover what the spindle contributes in spinning yarn and how to apply it to other style spindles like Turkish. Students will be spinning clockwise. Beginners are welcome. Class provides an opportunity for beginners to feel the spindles in action and begin their spinning careers with a solid foundation. Spindles are available for purchase at the end of class.

Get Hooked on Spinning Supported

Description :
Discover the fluid process of drafting fiber with the twist into yarn. Cynthia designs and makes your spindle with a hook, simplifying the learning process. You will flick the spindle so it spins while supported in a bowl. Draft moving the fiber supply away from the spindle. The twist draws fibers out thus trapping air to create a lofty woolen-spun yarn. The materials fee covers a branch size bottom whorl spindle made by Cynthia and fiber for class.

Intermediate Drop Spindle

Description :
Enhance your drop spindle skills. Move beyond park and draft into spinning suspended. Gain control over drafting your planned yarn. Start reading your spinning to respond appropriately. Spinning exclusively on spindles, Cynthia shares her insight. Open to anyone who has used a spindle to spin yarn. The materials fee covers fiber for class. Cynthia provides drop spindles and tools for students to use, available for purchase after class.

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